Budd and Rachel Schoeneberg


BUYER has 72 hours from purchase/delivery date to see your veterinarian to verify your purchase of a healthy, sound puppy. Please keep receipt from vet check in puppy folder. If the puppy is not examined by a veterinarian of the buyer's choice within 72 hours of purchase, this contract is null and void. No other guarantee is given. Please note that simple worms, stress, separation from its mother or litter mates, loneliness, change in water/food or moving to a new home can cause the puppy to experience loose bowels or changes in its normal state of well-being and are excluded from our guarantee.
We do not guarantee against Parvo, Corona, Coccidiosis or Giardia after 72 hours of purchase. For the purposes of this agreement, once the puppy leaves the seller's premises, it is under the buyer's control and the seller is no longer responsible for any veterinary bills. If any treatment is rendered, it is at the expense of the buyer.

Basset Hounds of Texas also guarantees this puppy to be free of Genetic Defects that make the puppy not suitable for the purpose of a *family pet*--that reduces the quality of, or ends the life of the puppy--until it reaches one year of age. Buyer understands that the following slight genetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening and therefore are not covered: umbilical hernia, undescended testicle, underbite or overbite. Buyer understands that any and all guarantees expire one year from the date of birth and that if no problems are detected by that time, NO ACTION MAY BE TAKEN AGAINST THE SELLER.

The seller cannot be held responsible for: size, weight, coat texture, coat length, positioning of ears, bite, color of coat and temperament.

If your puppy is very sick or has a congenital defect found by your vet, you will return him/her to the kennel (at buyers expense) with the registration papers and you must obtain a written statement from your vet, on office stationary and signed by him/her for our records, stating health risk and to include a description of the symptoms supporting his/her opinion to validate this guarantee. Any vet bills incurred to diagnose or repair a problem will be the responsibility of the buyer unless arrangements have been made or approved prior to treatment. Failure to do this will cause this contract to be null & void. If you qualify for a replacement, you can choose a new puppy of equal value when one is available. You will be responsible for the shipping of a new puppy. We will not be held responsible for further costs.

Original puppy must be returned within 24 hours along with all the paper work. (You agree to fill out all necessary forms to return ownership of puppy to breeder.)

This written agreement is a binding contract entered into the State of Texas and is the entire agreement between the buyer and seller concerning the health conditions or loss of this puppy.

Basset Hounds of Texas is to be notified if for any reason the puppy/dog is no longer wanted or can no longer be cared for. We will happily take our puppy/dog back at the Purchaser's expense, without compensation to the purchaser and find a new home for the puppy/dog. We DO NOT want any of our puppies/dogs abandoned or placed in a shelter.

The buyer agrees to maintain the puppy’s health condition, by maintaining all vaccinations or this contract is VOID!