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Welcome to Basset Hounds of Texas, a family owned and operated licensed facility located in Louise, Texas. We are between Houston and Victoria, Texas. San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Austin, Texas are only a few hours away. 

Our goal is to be one of the BEST Basset Hound breeders not only in Texas, but nationwide! We breed to the AKC standards, and ALL of our puppies go home with FULL registration. We are very confident & proud of our breeding program in which we strive to produce beautiful, top notch family members for our customers. 

Here at Basset Hounds of Texas, we believe there are three main ingredients in producing a companion that will be with you for many years to come.

First, is health! The health of our dogs/puppies is always #1 to us! They are given superior veterinarian services, high quality nutrition, Nuvet supplementation, and lots of pure country air and space to run and play in.  Next, is Temperament and personality!  We want the character of your puppy to be one that is remembered by everyone who meets them, falls in love, and just has to get one for themselves! They are each given daily doses of love, snuggles and socialization until you take over as their new family.  Last but not least is Conformation!  There is no thing as “the perfect basset hound” but we sure do try to come close. We put a lot of time and research into the lines we breed together in order to produce a puppy with beautiful long ears, droopy-saggy baggy faces, and lots of wrinkles giving them the “Hush Puppy” basset look that everyone admires! 

We would love to welcome you to our extended basset hound family and look forward to getting to know you. Please feel free contact us at ourcountrypups@gmail.com or call/text 979-616-0604 (this is our new number) so that we can help you find your new companion here at Basset Hounds of Texas!!

We will never knowingly sell to a pet store, puppy mill or pet broker.

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