Just a little helpful information about Basset Hounds.....Also see pics below info.....

What is the difference between an American and European Basset Hound?

The main difference:

Wrinkles and more skin on the European bassets is the biggest difference in the two. The European basset has more wrinkly skin on the face, torso and limbs and droopier eyes giving them a "sadder" appearance.

European Basset hounds have short legs, wrinkly skin, and the cutest droopy ears. When they are young, they are prone to tripping over those adorable ears.

They are generally about 10-15 pounds more to love on than the American basset. The same colors come on either the American or European and the temperament is the same in both. 


The American Basset is generally 35-75 lbs at maturity. The European Basset generally weighs 40-80lbs due to the more wrinkles and skin. They are both short and low to the ground usually maturing around 15 inches in height. When young they all 

Personality / Character:

The Basset Hound is know for being a friendly, easy going dog. Inside these stout little bodies is a loving canine with a warm personality. While this breed was once used for hunting, and the prey drive is still intact, Bassets have adjusted well to life as a companion. They are loyal, good with all members of the family, and even get along well with other pets in the home. You’ll find that although a little hefty, these dogs can make any size living area their home.


The European Basset Hound loves to lay around, and of course, eat. With this breed being prone to obesity they must stay active. They’ll need at least an hour of activity per day. This can be long walks around the neighborhood, a bit of playtime in the backyard, or even a rousing game of fetch in the house. Without mental stimulation, your European Basset Hound may get into trouble around the home. It’s up to you to ensure their needs are met.